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              Directions for using Steam-A-Seam II fusible web:

1. Always pre-wash your fabric for a permanent bond.
2. Look at the fusible web, determine which side of the paper backing has the fusible web attached and mark the side for tracing.
3. Trace your applique pattern in reverse on the side you marked.
4. Cut around the design leaving about 1/4" extra.
5. Peel the paper backing off of the unmarked side.
6. Press the traced paper design to the wrong side of your fabric and cut out the design.  I like to use the hot iron for 3-4 seconds for this step before cutting.
7. Peel the remaining traced paper backing off.  Position the design to the final project.
8. Using a steam iron on the cotton setting, hold the hot iron directly over the design and press in place for 12-20 seconds.  A pressing cloth can also be used.
9. If you are going to be washing the finished design repeatedly, you might want to sew around each piece using a decorative stitch.
10. Machine wash cool and lay flat to dry.  Never put fusible items in a hot dryer.
For unwashed designs such as wall hangings, you can leave the edges unfinished.

You can always touch up Steam-A-Seam with a hot steam iron if you have a edge come up at some point.  It will not "melt" like other fusibles.   It's the best!


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